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Sunday Competitions

Absolute Study believes in complete development and global exposure that assist you in turning into a more confident individual.  There are several unique concepts and ideas that we implement to ensure that our clients get real experience and opportunities to test their skills and knowledge that they learn from our organization. Sunday competitions held on every Sundays without fail are just one step in this regard.

Key Activities

There are numerous activities that you can try to test your skills in one of the Sunday competitions.  These competitions are not only about academic subjects such as mathematics and science, but you can even take part in craft, painting, photography, gardening and computers competitions and compete with others engaged in various fields. This allows you to assess where you stand and what are the chances of development. One of the reasons why we schedule these programs is to allow our clients in judging the level of expertise that they possess. More often than not people overestimate themselves, but participating in one such competition will let you determine where you currently stand. We keep an informal atmosphere in these competitions to make the whole group learn from each other.

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