Aptitude Development

Score high on your Intelligence


Aptitude is an inherent ability to accomplish a certain type of activity. You might have an aptitude for math so you are pretty good at calculations. You might have an aptitude for flying. Something about how an airplane works or how air pressure creates lift just makes since to you. Aptitude is often described as a natural talent. While this answer gets close to what aptitude is it does not encompass the entirety of aptitude. An aptitude is an ability to do something well. So is a talent. But aptitude refers to the capacity to do something. So where a talent is a natural ability or innate understanding, an aptitude can encompass learned behavior and gained knowledge. Education is, and ought to be treated primarily as, an aptitude development program. Through our ability tests, we assess what a person is capable of doing. Abilities are then further broken down into two areas:

  1. Achievements - What has the individual learned to do in the past?
  2. Aptitudes - What can the individual learn or develop in the future?

Absolute Study has developed a solution which encompasses intelligence, education and aptitude. Starting with assessment of one's talent and inclinations through our ability tests, we help you hone your skills in your area of interest with the help of our team of experts.

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