About Us

Our Mission is to make learning more effective, enjoyable and insightful with tangible value addition into every child’s future. We aim to evaluate accurately a child’s performance in all the aspects of learning, to engage at a personal level to bring out his/her true potential and to empower him/her with all the tools to improve his innate qualities and cognitive skills which will help him to excel in future.

A POSITIVE FEEDBACK LOOP: With students’ future at the center of our concern, we endeavor to provide a tool which sets off positive energies at all the levels of functioning from schools to teachers and parents of the student and the student himself. Armed with unit specific quizzes on all the different subjects sorted as per different boards enriched with inputs from different stakeholders along with much needed overall personality development tool, Absolute Study is an endeavour established by IIT alumni which analyzes and evaluates the results of student’s activities giving the flexibility to take a Bird’s eye view at national level to zooming in at individual student’s level designed to kick off a positive feedback loop where student’s grows on measureable targets time through his own effort and with the help of all the ‘significant others’.


Why ABS?